Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for taking what is ordinarily a arduous process and making it down right enjoyable. The lengths you went to were unbelievably kind and professional. The treatment you recommended for my Equinox is gorgeous! Thank you so much for the outstanding customer service.


The "full service" auto dealer. Bleecker Motors Bobby Bleecker. A satisfied customer!

Suzanne & Mike

Dear Mr. Bleecker,

Thank you so much for the wonderful book you sent us. That was very special to us! Also thank you for the wonderful service you've given our family. We will be lifetime customers! Thanks again! Molly loves her new Trailblazer!

Jenna, Corey, Molly, Camden & Baby Tanner

I want to thank you for one of the more enjoyable auto buying experiences I've had. This can be a very difficult process form most buyers, but you bade it plearsurable.

Thanks again to you & your staff,

Thank you for all your efforts in making the purchase of Jack's first vehicle such a pleasurable event. Needless to say, he is beyond elated, and our experience at the dealership was first class.

I sincerely appreciate the extra time pent in having the leather upholstery and line-x bed-liner installed, not to mention having a full tank of gas when we left the lot.

The truck was immaculate when we picked it up, and it has been a big hit with Jack's friends. One of Jack's good buddies & neighbors will be turning sixteen next spring, and he and his dad have already asked who, where, how much, etc. I'll forward their contact information when the time is right, and I hope you'll be able to help them as well.

Thanks again, and best wishes for your continued success.

Best regards,

Our first Bleecker pickup is still running, and it's still reliable. I know this because it's still in the family. I drove it nine years then my son Robert took it into his family. He drove it until recently, and now his son, my grandson Robbie, drives it daily. In case you're not counting that's three generations in one family and more than two decades of service from the same Bleecker GMC pickup truck. By the way, I just checked and it has more than 224,000 miles on it and the engine and transmission have never had any mechanical issues. I love my Bleecker GMC pickup trucks!


It was a good experience dealing with mr. Boswell. He was very helpful and did a great job. The Denali I purcchased was full of gas and programed to fit my needs. I would definitely reccomend this dealership to my friends. Their service dept. as been very good also.


I contacted the dealer regarding a vehicle listed online. Nelson was kind, courteous and patient. The first day I visited, I was particularly impressed with Dean. He went out of his way to answer questions I had regarding the vehicle and volunteered to hold the vehicle to allow me the time I needed to confer with my husband who is serving overseas with the U.S. Army. After a bid on the vehicle was accepted, Nelson worked to finish as much paperwork via phone and internet as possible to minimize the amount of time my children would have to wait at the dealership. This second visit, I specifically want to commend Dennis who was not only courteous and kind but waited while we were signing papers to allow me to tend to my children and was kind toward them as well. Each of these three men took special interest in our family - my children, my husband and his work and me. The entire staff made sure that my children had balloons before we left. There was not one person I met there who was not kind. Again, however, my work with Nelson and Dean and Dennis was outstanding.


Fabulous experience, and best prices I found in all the Carolina's. I shopped on line extensively, and no one else even came close! Excellent selection of both new and used vehicles, and I have recommended this dealer to more than 5 friends, who also purchased from Bleecker as well. They told me the service and price will bring them back again.

David, Pinehurst, NC

I have bought several cars from Alvin Ivey and Robby Boswell. They are a pleasure to do businesss with. This last car I bought was from Robby, he was straight, to the point worked it so I could get a payment that was suitable for my budget. This was a SUV that I have been wanting a 2007 Denali. I am very pleassed and satisfied with the overall service.


i have bought several cars from the bleeckers and have been very happy with them...the price was fair and the service that i got after the sale was out of this world...in fact we have referred many of our family and friends to the dealership for cars and trucks...
if my have car problems they have been kind enough to let me have a loaner when my warranty was expired on my car and extended credit to
pay back the money need to fix my car...

the bleeckers also helped me when i had problems with my financing of my car to make it easy for me to get back on my feet when i had no
money to for a down payment...


Earlier this month (July) I found a Mercury Mariner Hybrid on Bleecker's website which I'd been searching for since the beginning of the year. Al was very friendly on the phone and great to deal with in person. The folks at Bleecker were all great, and even though it's a 2 hour drive, if they can find us another Mariner hybrid we'll be back! The only negative at all is that we couldn't get much for our trade so we ended up keeping it - but it's an older Jag and we were told by all dealers that we would have that issue. We also got a great loan and that process went very quickly and smoothly. We would definitely recommend them to anyone!


Great Personal Attention and a great deal ! We travelled some distance to get to the dealership and was early in the evening. The weather was cold - but the sales person had the car already out front cleaned up and ready to go. They did a great job of reviewing all of the bells and whistles. I am not that great with all the gadgets and they made sure I was able to operate everything properly.

I love my new Aveo and the gas mileage is great.

I would buy from the Bleecker organization any time.


Korey went above and beyond to help us find a car. we had looked for over two weeks for just the right car and Korey found us the right color fabric and options we wanted. we never even had to ask for a better price because his price was better than any price we had been quoted. we would really like to recommend Bleecker to anyone. And if that wasnt enough our first oil change will be free and we can get a loaner car if we need to leave ours overnight. WOur neighbors purchased their last few cars from Bleecker and have been telling us how easy it is to deal with them. All you have to do is go to their website to see what were talking about.